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Health ‧ Me 2 is a multi-functional mobile app that helps the general public keep their electronic medical & health records, manage their diet & fitness and improve their health with one click in the long run.


Smart Watch 


Not only does it allow you to keep your medical reports and history with your doctors, but it also lets you maintain your health records such as heartbeat, steps and calories with the aid of HM2 wristband and sync to the app.


With the real-time monitoring app, you can always manage your health records momentarily. For example, you can set your personal goals or fitness plans recommended by A.I. and track your progress regularly.

You can also locate the nearest doctors around your area and make a booking for doctors & time-slots according to your preference for further consultation.


To improve your health, you can visit our Eshop to purchase health-related products. It varies from body check packages to health food.

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